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Coach Carr directs 2007 Camp

May 30 & 31, 2012

Bo and the bank robber

 This excerpt is from Jon Falk's book "If These Walls Could Talk".  Jon will share these stories and more as part of the Michigan Men's Football Experience.

Bo was called during practice to the Michigan Locker Room.  When he arrived, he found kicker Pat Moons surrounded by Ann Arbor PD with guns drawn.  Moons had been mis-identified as having robbed a bank in Ann Arbor.

Bo was appraised of the situation by an officer who told Bo that Moons had been “positively identified” as the robber.

Per Jon Falk the following then occurred:

“Bo walked up to Moons and stared straight into his eyes.

‘Moons,’ he said. “Did you just rob a damn bank?’

‘No sir’ [Moons replied]

Bo then turned to all the police officers and raised his arms as if he had just cracked a case easier than a peanut shell.

‘There you have it men,' he said confidently. ‘Pat Moons said he did not rob the bank. You have the wrong man. Now all of us have to get back to practice.’”

Moons had been mistakenly idenfitied as he hurried from the bank to get to practice.

For more such “inside” tales, buy Jon’s book and sign up for 2012 Camp!


One way into the Big House

We have another exciting way to enter - through the Michigan Locker Room and the Tunnel!!! 

A website for all


This website is associated with the University of Michigan official website for the Michigan Men's Football Experience ("MMFE"). 

The initial purpose of this site is to assist with disseminating information about the 2012 camp and to begin the networking among 2012 participants and volunteers.

The long term purpose is to have a permanent web home for the MMFE where all members of the MMFE family, including the Michigan football coaches and legends and the MMFE participants can share in the Michigan Football legacy of winning football and innovative philanthropy.

What you can do here

As we use this website as a tool to raise awareness of the 2012 Camp, there will not be a need to register to post things.  At some point prior to camp, we will initiate the log in to post feature.  There will be a public level allowing posting to the public forums.  There will also be a members only section of the website for all past and current participants in the Michigan Men's Football Experience. 

While I am using the royal "we", right now the "we" are the volunteers who are assisting with development of the networking concept for MMFE.  "We" would really appreciate input from any one who wishes to help by providing input into any aspect of the program.  An easy way to contact "us" is to follow the twitter account MFootballExperi and send a direct message. 

How to use the website

The website is active and will grow daily in content.  Going across the top headings: Home is the front page (you are on it);

"Contact us" will direct you to the University personnel responsible for running the MMFE event;

"Forum" is where you get to help us out.  The Forum section is for all members of the Michigan Football Family to post information related to the MMFE events past and future.  It is the intent that all who sign up will have an opportunity to network with other participants before camp opens.  Past camps have led to lasting bonds among those who attended.  This website and other social networking is intended to foster those bonds;

and 2012 Squad is where a list of 2012 attendees.  Note participation is voluntary (i.e. if your family lives in Ohio we understand confidentiality may be needed) so it is up to an individual to decide to participate.

Michigan Football Experience Benefits Prostate Cancer Research

Today's MMFE Challenge

There are five retired numbers, how many players are honored?

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Coach Carr directs 2007 Camp